Frequently Asked Questions

What type of company is RobShare?


RobShare is a full-service provider of rentable service robots. Whether it be for trade shows, events, store openings, or workshops: RobShare’s humanoid robots offer a diverse mix of entertainment, information, and support. This mixture of functionality and innovation is an excellent marketing tool.

Customers share their ideas and expectations with RobShare’s robot experts, enabling them to find and program the perfect robot solution. Companies can also brand and design their rented robot in their corporate design.

What can I rent robots from RobShare for?


Rented robots from RobShare are available for every conceivable service application. The use of event robots is especially popular. RobShare service robots can also be deployed in bank lobbies, car showrooms, and hotels, at information points, in shopping malls, and in lounges at airports and railway stations. Contact us and we’ll determine which robot would be best for your planned project.

Which robots are available to rent from RobShare?


RobShare currently rents out its Cruzr, Zora, James, and Sawyer robots as well as its Cobot Café. All of the robots have their own individual strengths. We determine which robot would be best for you in a personal consultation.

Where can I rent robots?


RobShare operates in Germany and Europe. It is important that you have permission to use a robot on your premises. This is not usually a problem on your own premises or at rented event locations. A permit may be required in public places.

How do I book a RobShare robot?


We will send you a quotation with an initial summary of your order after you make initial contact and following the consultation. Once you agree to this, you can use the application form to specify what functions your rented robot is to carry out for you during the event. The order is then completed with the order form and the rental agreement comes into existence.

Am I allowed to operate RobShare robots myself?


In most cases, your event will also be accompanied by a RobShare contact who will set up, maintain, and operate the robot. We recommend following the instructions provided by the RobShare contact.

How long can I rent a robot from RobShare for?


The rental duration of RobShare robots can be agreed on an individual basis.

How do I pay for my rental agreement?


The rental agreement is paid for as per agreement, but is usually by invoice.

How do I return the robot?


RobShare will deliver the robot to the agreed location and also pick it up again at the agreed time. At pickup, the robot will also be checked for any damage, which will be documented in a report for both parties.


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