Privacy Policy HAHN Robshare GmbH

General information
The following information willprovide you with an easy to navigate overview of what will happen with yourpersonal data when you visit this website. The term “personal data” comprisesall data that can be used to personally identify you. For detailed informationabout the subject matter of data protection, please consult our Data ProtectionDeclaration, which we have included beneath this copy.

Data recording on this website
Who is the responsible party for therecording of data on this website (i.e. the “controller”)?The data on this website is processedby the operator of the website, whose contact information is available undersection “Information Required by Law” on this website.

How do we record your data?
We collect your data as a result ofyour sharing of your data with us. This may, for instance be information youenter into our contact form.Other data shall be recorded by ourIT systems automatically or after you consent to its recording during yourwebsite visit. This data comprises primarily technical information (e.g. webbrowser, operating system or time the site was accessed). This information isrecorded automatically when you access this website.

What are the purposes we use your data for?
A portion of the information isgenerated to guarantee the error free provision of the website. Other data maybe used to analyze your user patterns.

What rights do you have as far as your information is concerned?
You have the right to receiveinformation about the source, recipients and purposes of your archived personaldata at any time without having to pay a fee for such disclosures. You alsohave the right to demand that your data are rectified or eradicated. If youhave consented to data processing, you have the option to revoke this consentat any time, which shall affect all future data processing. Moreover, you havethe right to demand that the processing of your data be restricted undercertain circumstances. Furthermore, you have the right to log a complaint withthe competent supervising agency.Please do not hesitate to contact usat any time under the address disclosed in section “Information Required byLaw” on this website if you have questions about this or any other dataprotection related issues.
Analysis tools and tools provided by third parties
There is a possibility that yourbrowsing patterns will be statistically analyzed when your visit this website.Such analyses are performed primarily with what we refer to as analysisprograms.For detailed information about theseanalysis programs please consult our Data Protection Declaration below. 

2. Hosting and Content DeliveryN etworks (CDN)

External Hosting
This website is hosted by an externalservice provider (host). Personal data collected on this website are stored onthe servers of the host. These may include, but are not limited to, IPaddresses, contact requests, metadata and communications, contract information,contact information, names, web page access, and other data generated through aweb site.The host is used for the purpose offulfilling the contract with our potential and existing customers (Art. 6 para.1 lit. b GDPR) and in the interest of secure, fast and efficient provision ofour online services by a professional provider (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).Our host will only process your datato the extent necessary to fulfil its performance obligations and to follow ourinstructions with respect to such data. 

3. Generalinformation and mandatory information

Data protection
The operators of this website and itspages take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Hence, wehandle your personal data as confidential information and in compliance withthe statutory data protection regulations and this Data Protection Declaration.Whenever you use this website, avariety of personal information will be collected. Personal data comprises datathat can be used to personally identify you. This Data Protection Declarationexplains which data we collect as well as the purposes we use this data for. Italso explains how, and for which purpose the information is collected.We herewith advise you that thetransmission of data via the Internet (i.e. through e-mail communications) maybe prone to security gaps. It is not possible to completely protect dataagainst third party access. Information about the responsible party (referredto as the “controller” in the GDPR)The data processing controller onthis website is:HAHN RobShare GmbHSeckbächer Gasse 5DE-60311Frankfurt am MainGermanyTelefon: +49 6764 9022 0 E-Mail: info@robshare.deThe controller is the natural personor legal entity that single-handedly or jointly with others makes decisions asto the purposes of and resources for the processing of personal data (e.g.names, e-mail addresses, etc.).
Revocation of your consent to the processing of data

Right to log a complaint with thecompetent supervisory agency
In the event of violations of theGDPR, data subjects are entitled to log a complaint with a supervisory agency,in particular in the member state where they usually maintain their domicile,place of work or at the place where the alleged violation occurred. The rightto log a complaint is in effect regardless of any other administrative or courtproceedings available as legal recourses.

Right to data portability You have the right to demand that wehand over any data we automatically process on the basis of your consent or inorder to fulfil a contract be handed over to you or a third party in a commonlyused, machine readable format. If you should demand the direct transfer of thedata to another controller, this will be done only if it is technicallyfeasible. 

SSL and/or TLS encryption
For security reasons and to protectthe transmission of confidential content, such as purchase orders or inquiriesyou submit to us as the website operator, this website uses either an SSL or aTLS encryption program. You can recognize an encrypted connection by checkingwhether the address line of the browser switches from “http://” to “https://”and also by the appearance of the lock icon in the browser line.If the SSL or TLS encryption isactivated, data you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.

Information about, rectification anderadication of data
Within the scope of the applicablestatutory provisions, you have the right to at any time demand informationabout your archived personal data, their source and recipients as well as thepurpose of the processing of your data. You may also have a right to have yourdata rectified or eradicated. If you have questions about this subject matteror any other questions about personal data, please do not hesitate to contactus at any time at the address provided in section “Information Required byLaw.”

Right to demand processingrestrictions
You have the right to demand theimposition of restrictions as far as the processing of your personal data isconcerned. To do so, you may contact us at any time at the address provided insection “Information Required by Law.” The right to demand restriction ofprocessing applies in the following cases: In the event that you should dispute the correctness of your dataarchived by us, we will usually need some time to verify this claim. During thetime that this investigation is ongoing, you have the right to demand that werestrict the processing of your personal data.If the processing of your personaldata was/is conducted in an unlawful manner, you have the option to demand therestriction of the processing of your data in lieu of demanding the eradicationof this data. If we do not need your personal data any longer and you need itto exercise, defend or claim legal entitlements, you have the right to demandthe restriction of the processing of your personal data instead of itseradication. If you have raised an objection pursuant to Art. 21 Sect. 1 GDPR, yourrights and our rights will have to be weighed against each other. As long as ithas not been determined whose interests prevail, you have the right to demand arestriction of the processing of your personal data.If you have restricted the processingof your personal data, these data – with the exception of their archiving – maybe processed only subject to your consent or to claim, exercise or defend legalentitlements or to protect the rights of other natural persons or legalentities or for important public interest reasons cited by the European Unionor a member state of the EU.

Rejection of unsolicited e-mails
We herewith object to the use ofcontact information published in conjunction with the mandatory information tobe provided in section “Information Required by Law” to send us promotional andinformation material that we have not expressly requested. The operators ofthis website and its pages reserve the express right to take legal action inthe event of the unsolicited sending of promotional information, for instancevia SPAM messages. 

4.Recording of data on this website

Our websites and pages use what theindustry refers to as “cookies.” Cookies are small text files that do not causeany damage to your device. They are either stored temporarily for the durationof a session (session cookies) or they are permanently archived on your device(permanent cookies). Session cookies are automatically deleted once youterminate your visit. Permanent cookies remain archived on your device untilyou actively delete them or they are automatically eradicated by your webbrowser.In some cases it is possible thatthird party cookies are stored on your device once you enter our site (thirdparty cookies). These cookies enable you or us to take advantage of certainservices offered by the third party (e.g. cookies for the processing of paymentservices).Cookies have a variety of functions.Many cookies are technically essential since certain website functions wouldnot work in the absence of the cookies (e.g. the shopping cart function or thedisplay of videos). The purpose of other cookies may be the analysis of userpatterns or the display of promotional messages.Cookies, which are required for theperformance of electronic communication transactions (required cookies) or forthe provision of certain functions you want to use (functional cookies, e.g.for the shopping cart function) or those that are necessary for theoptimization of the website (e.g. cookies that provide measurable insights intothe web audience), shall be stored on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR,unless a different legal basis is cited. The operator of the website has alegitimate interest in the storage of cookies to ensure the technically errorfree and optimized provision of the operator’s services. If your consent to thestorage of the cookies has been requested, the respective cookies are storedexclusively on the basis of the consent obtained (Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a GDPR);this consent may be revoked at any time.You have the option to set up yourbrowser in such a manner that you will be notified any time cookies are placedand to permit the acceptance of cookies only in specific cases. You may alsoexclude the acceptance of cookies in certain cases or in general or activatethe delete function for the automatic eradication of cookies when the browsercloses. If cookies are deactivated, the functions of this website may belimited.In the event that third party cookiesare used or if cookies are used for analytical purposes, we will separatelynotify you in conjunction with this Data Protection Policy and, if applicable,ask for your consent. 

Server log files
The provider of this website and itspages automatically collects and stores information in so-called server logfiles, which your browser communicates to us automatically. The informationcomprises:·        The type and version of browser used·        The used operating system·        Referrer URL·        The hostname of the accessingcomputer·        The time of the server inquiry The IPaddressThis data is not merged with otherdata sources.This data is recorded on the basis ofArt. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. The operator of the website has a legitimateinterest in the technically error free depiction and the optimization of theoperator’s website. In order to achieve this, server log files must berecorded.

Contact form
If you submit inquiries to us via ourcontact form, the information provided in the contact form as well as anycontact information provided therein will be stored by us in order to handleyour inquiry and in the event that we have further questions. We will not sharethis information without your consent.The processing of these data is basedon Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR, if your request is related to the execution of acontract or if it is necessary to carry out pre-contractual measures. In allother cases the processing is based on our legitimate interest in the effectiveprocessing of the requests addressed to us (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f GDPR) or onyour agreement (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a GDPR) if this has been requested.The information you have entered intothe contact form shall remain with us until you ask us to eradicate the data,revoke your consent to the archiving of data or if the purpose for which theinformation is being archived no longer exists (e.g. after we have concludedour response to your inquiry). This shall be without prejudice to any mandatorylegal provisions – in particular retention periods.

Request by e-mail, telephone or fax
If you contact us by e-mail,telephone or fax, your request, including all resulting personal data (name,request) will be stored and processed by us for the purpose of processing yourrequest. We do not pass these data on without your consent.These data are processed on the basisof Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR if your inquiry is related to the fulfillment ofa contract or is required for the performance of pre-contractual measures. Inall other cases, the data are processed on the basis of our legitimate interestin the effective handling of inquiries submitted to us (Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. fGDPR) or on the basis of your consent (Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a GDPR) if it hasbeen obtained.The data sent by you to us viacontact requests remain with us until you request us to delete, revoke yourconsent to the storage or the purpose for the data storage lapses (e.g. aftercompletion of your request). Mandatory statutory provisions - in particularstatutory retention periods - remain unaffected. 

5. Analysis tools and advertising

Google Analytics
This website uses functions of theweb analysis service Google Analytics. The provider of this service is GoogleIreland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.Google Analytics enables the websiteoperator to analyze the behavior patterns of website visitors. To that end, thewebsite operator receives a variety of user data, such as pages accessed, timespent on the page, the utilized operating system and the user’s origin. Googlemay consolidate these data in a profile that is allocated to the respectiveuser or the user’s device.Google Analytics uses technologiesthat make the recognition of the user for the purpose of analyzing the userbehavior patterns (e.g. cookies or device fingerprinting). The website useinformation recorded by Google is, as a rule transferred to a Google server inthe United States, where it is stored.This analysis tool is used on thebasis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. The operator of this website has alegitimate interest in the analysis of user patterns to optimize both, theservices offered online and the operator’s advertising activities. If acorresponding agreement has been requested (e.g. an agreement to the storage ofcookies), the processing takes place exclusively on the basis of Art. 6 para. 1lit. a GDPR; the agreement can be revoked at any time.

IP anonymization
On this website, we have activatedthe IP anonymization function. As a result, your IP address will be abbreviatedby Google within the member states of the European Union or in other statesthat have ratified the Convention on the European Economic Area prior to itstransmission to the United States. The full IP address will be transmitted toone of Google’s servers in the United States and abbreviated there only inexceptional cases. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google shall usethis information to analyze your use of this website to generate reports onwebsite activities and to render other services to the operator of this websitethat are related to the use of the website and the Internet. The IP addresstransmitted in conjunction with Google Analytics from your browser shall not bemerged with other data in Google’s possession.

Browser plug-in
You can prevent the recording andprocessing of your data by Google by downloading and installing the browserplugin available under the following link: more information about thehandling of user data by Google Analytics, please consult Google’s Data PrivacyDeclaration at:

Contract data processing
We have executed a contract dataprocessing agreement with Google and are implementing the stringent provisionsof the German data protection agencies to the fullest when using GoogleAnalytics.

Archiving period
Data on the user or incident levelstored by Google linked to cookies, user IDs or advertising IDs (e.g.DoubleClick cookies, Android advertising ID) will be anonymized or deletedafter 14 month. For details please click the following link:  

6.Plug-ins and Tools

YouTube with expanded data protection integration
Our website embeds videos of thewebsite YouTube. The website operator is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”),Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.We use YouTube in the expanded dataprotection mode. According to YouTube, this mode ensures that YouTube does notstore any information about visitors to this website before they watch thevideo. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that the sharing of datawith YouTube partners can be ruled out as a result of the expanded dataprotection mode. For instance, regardless of whether you are watching a video,YouTube will always establish a connection with the Google DoubleClick network.As soon as you start to play aYouTube video on this website, a connection to YouTube’s servers will beestablished. As a result, the YouTube server will be notified, which of ourpages you have visited. If you are logged into your YouTube account while youvisit our site, you enable YouTube to directly allocate your browsing patternsto your personal profile. You have the option to prevent this by logging out ofyour YouTube account.Furthermore, after you have startedto play a video, YouTube will be able to place various cookies on your deviceor comparable technologies for recognition (e.g. device fingerprinting). Inthis way YouTube will be able to obtain information about this website’svisitors. Among other things, this information will be used to generate videostatistics with the aim of improving the user friendliness of the site and toprevent attempts to commit fraud.Under certain circumstances,additional data processing transactions may be triggered after you have startedto play a YouTube video, which are beyond our control.The use of YouTube is based on ourinterest in presenting our online content in an appealing manner. Pursuant toArt. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR, this is a legitimate interest. If a correspondingagreement has been requested, the processing takes place exclusively on thebasis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR; the agreement can be revoked at any time.For more information on how YouTubehandles user data, please consult the YouTube Data Privacy Policy under: 

7. Custom Services

Job Applications
We offer website visitors theopportunity to submit job applications to us (e.g. via e-mail, via postalservices on by submitting the online job application form). Below, we willbrief you on the scope, purpose and use of the personal data collected from youin conjunction with the application process. We assure you that the collection,processing and use of your data will occur in compliance with the applicabledata privacy rights and all other statutory provisions and that your data willalways be treated as strictly confidential.

Scope and purpose of the collectionof data
If you submit a job application tous, we will process any affiliated personal data (e.g. contact andcommunications data, application documents, notes taken during job interviews,etc.), if they are required to make a decision concerning the establishment oran employment relationship. The legal grounds for the aforementioned are § 26New GDPR according to German Law (Negotiation of an EmploymentRelationship), Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. bGDPR (General Contract Negotiations) and – provided you have given us yourconsent – Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. a GDPR. You may revoke any consent given at anytime. Within our company, your personal data will only be shared with individualswho are involved in the processing of your job application.If your job application should resultin your recruitment, the data you have submitted will be archived on thegrounds of § 26 New GDPR and Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR for the purpose ofimplementing the employment relationship in our data processing system.

Data Archiving Period

If we are unable to make you a joboffer or you reject a job offer or withdraw your application, we reserve theright to retain the data you have submitted on the basis of our legitimateinterests (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR) for up to 6 months from the end of theapplication procedure (rejection or withdrawal of the application). Afterwardsthe data will be deleted, and the physical application documents will be destroyed.The storage serves in particular as evidence in the event of a legal dispute.If it is evident that the data will be required after the expiry of the 6-monthperiod (e.g. due to an impending or pending legal dispute), deletion will onlytake place when the purpose for further storage no longer applies.Longer storage may also take place ifyou have given your agreement (Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR) or if statutory dataretention requirements preclude the deletion.

Social MediaPrivacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of the social media sitesoperated by us:
In the following we would like to inform you about the handling of your data in accordance with Art. 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We, HAHN RobShare, maintain publicly accessible profiles in social networks.

Our addresses are:
HAHN RobShare GmbH
Seckbächer Gasse 5
DE-60311 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 6764 9022 0

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. cananalyse your user behaviour when you visit their website or a website withintegrated social media content (e.g. LikeButtons or advertising banners). Avisit to our social media sites triggers numerous processing operations. Indetail:If you are logged in to your social media account andvisit our social media presence, the operator of the social media portal canassign this visit to your user account. However, your personal data may also becollected if you are not logged in or do not have an account with therespective social media portal. In this case, this data is collected, forexample, via cookies that are stored on your end device or by recording your IPaddress.With the help of the data collected in this way, theoperators of social media portals can create user profiles in which detail yourpreferences and interests. In this way, interest-based advertising can bedisplayed to you both inside and outside the respective social media presence.If you have an account with the respective social network, interest-basedadvertising can be displayed on all devices on which you are or were logged in.Please also note that we are not able to track allprocessing on the social media portals. Depending on the provider, furtherprocessing may therefore be carried out by the operators of the social mediaportals. For details, please refer to the terms of use and data protectionregulations of the respective social media portals.

Legal basis
Our social media appearances are designed to ensure acomprehensive presence on the Internet. This is a legitimate interest withinthe meaning of Art. 6 (1)(f) GDPR. The analytics processes initiated by thesocial networks may be based on a different legal basis, which must be statedby the operators of the social networks (e.g. consent as described in Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR).

Responsibility and assertion of rights
If you visit one of our social media sites (e.g.Facebook), we are jointly responsible with the operator of the social mediaplatform for the data processing operations triggered during this visit. Youcan assert your rights (information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing,data transferability and complaint) against us and against the operator of therespective social media portal (e.g. against Facebook).Please note that despite the joint responsibility withthe social media portal operators, we do not have full insight into the dataprocessing operations of the social media portals. Our possibilities arelargely determined by the corporate policy of the respective provider.

Data retention period
The data collected directly by us via the social mediapresence will be deleted from our systems as soon as the purpose for storingthem no longer applies, you request us to delete them, revoke your consent tostorage or the purpose for storing the data no longer applies. Stored cookiesremain on your own device until you delete them. Mandatory legal provisions -in particular retention periods - remain unaffected.We have no influence on the storage period of yourdata, in as far as this data is stored by the operators of the social networksfor their own purposes. For details, please contact the operators of the socialnetworks directly (e.g. in their privacy policy, see below).

Social networksin detail

We maintain a profile on Facebook. This platform isprovided by Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.According to Facebook, the data collected is also transferred to the USA andother third countries. However, Facebook is certified under the EU-US PrivacyShield. We have concluded a joint processing agreement(Controller Addendum) with Facebook. This agreement defines which dataprocessing operations we or Facebook are responsible for when you visit ourFacebook page. We receive "Insights" data from Facebook, i.e. data onuser numbers. These "Insights" data are personal data according tothe GDPR, which are collected and processed in connection with a visit to orinteraction of persons with a page and its contents."Page-Insights" are statistics that FacebookIreland provides to the person responsible for the page.The agreement on joint responsibility can be viewed atthe following link: also processes information about the users ofthe Facebook Platform in other ways, and you, as a user of Facebook, have adirect relationship with Facebook in this regard. In this respect, we refer youto the Facebook privacy policy. You can adjust your advertising settings onyour own in your user account. To do so, click on the following link and login: can be found in the Facebook privacy policy:

Data processing for interactions on our Facebook page
On our Facebook page you have the possibility to getin contact with us by commenting on our contributions, creating a contributionyourself or sending us private messages. If you want to avoid Facebookprocessing personal data that you have submitted to us, please contact us byother means.  

We have a profile withInstagram. The supplier is Instagram Inc, 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA,94025, USA. For details on how they handle your personal information, pleasesee Instagram's Privacy Policy:

Data processing for interactions on our Instagram profile
When using certain interactive features on Instagram(such as the comment feature or the "Like" button), comments or likeswill be visible to other users and to us as the provider of the Instagram site.This allows a direct user assignment based on the personal data disclosed.As an Instagram user, you have a direct relationshipwith Instagram. In this respect we refer you to the Instagram data protectioninformation. We have no control over interactive functionality and visibilityof comments, likes or other activities on our Instagram site. The type, scopeand duration of processing and storage of personal data in this respect aredetermined by Instagram, so that Instagram is also responsible for them. Weexpressly point out that Instagram, and thus Facebook, stores the data of itsusers (e.g. personal information, IP address, etc.) and may also use this datafor business purposes. For more information about Instagram's data processing,please refer to Instagram's privacy policy at: you visit our Instagram site, Instagram and itsaffiliated company Facebook collects, among other things, your IP address andother information available on your PC in the form of cookies. This informationis used to provide us, as the operator of the Instagram pages, with statisticalinformation about the usage of the Instagram page. Facebook provides moreinformation about this at the following link:'s data usage guidelines are available atthe following link: Instagram's complete datapolicy can be found here:  

We have a profile on LinkedIn. The provider of thisplatform is LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, WiltonPlaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland. LinkedIn is certified under theEU-US Privacy Shield. We use LinkedIn for recruiting, marketing andoptimization purposes, in particular to analyze the use of our website and tocontinuously improve individual functions and offers as well as the userexperience. Through the statistical evaluation of user behaviour, we canimprove our site and make it more interesting for you as a user.

Data processing during interactions on our LinkedIn profile
We would like to point out that you use this LinkedInsite and its functions at your own risk. This applies in particular to the useof the interactive functions (e.g. commenting, sharing, rating). Eachtime you visit our LinkedIn site, they collect your IP address and otherinformation that is stored on your PC in the form of cookies. This informationis used to provide us, as the operator of the LinkedIn pages, with statisticalinformation about the use of the LinkedIn page. LinkedIn provides moreinformation about this at the following link:  Thedata collected about you in this context will be processed by LinkedIn IrelandUnlimited Company and may be transferred to countries outside the EuropeanUnion. LinkedIn's privacy policy describes in general terms what informationLinkedIn receives and how it is used. You will also find information on how tocontact LinkedIn. The data use policy is available at the following link: 

‍We use the short message service Twitter. The provideris Twitter Inc, 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.Twitter is certified according to the EU-US Privacy Shield.
Youcan find more information on this at: 

Data processing for interactions on our Twitter site
For information on what data is processed by Twitterand for what purposes, please refer to the Twitter privacy policy: also processes information about the users ofthe Twitter platform in ways unconnected to our presence on this platform, andyou as a user of Twitter have a direct relationship with Twitter in thisrespect. We refer to the Twitter data protection information for moreinformation.
You can adjust your Twitter privacy settings independently in your user account. To do so, click on the following link and log in:
Detailscan be found in the Twitter privacy policy: . Users havethe ability to send us messages using a tweet, as well as retweet (share),comment on or "like" our tweets, just as we can do with users'tweets. In doing so, we process profile data (especially the name of the user)as well as the respective interaction (e.g. the content of the (re)tweet orcomment) so that we can process users' enquiries and answer their concerns.    

We use the YouTube.complatform to post our own videos and make them publicly available. YouTube is anoffer from a third party not affiliated with us, namely YouTube LLC. Our website contains linksor connections to content posted through YouTube. In general, we are notresponsible for the content of websites that are linked to our website. Pleasenote that when you click on a YouTube link, YouTube will store and use yourinformation (e.g., personal information, IP address) for business purposes inaccordance with its own data use policy.
If you visit ourYouTube channel, please note the following: When using the YouTube LLCservice, data collected about you will be processed by the provider and, ifnecessary, transferred to countries outside the European Union. YouTube, as aGoogle service, is certified according to the EU-US Privacy Shield. You canfind more information on this at: also receive aggregatedstatistical data (so-called insights) from YouTube. These statistics receiveinformation about the source of the call to the YouTube channel, the type ofend device used to access the channel or the page views. We only receiveanonymous information and statistics if the visitor to our YouTube channel isregistered with YouTube. Address and link to the privacy policy of Google:  

We maintain a presence on "XING", a serviceof New Work SE, Dammtorstraße 30, 20354 Hamburg, Germany (hereinafter referredto as: "XING") on our website. XING stores and processes informationabout your user behavior on their website. Among other things, XING usescookies for this purpose, i.e. small text files which are stored locally in thecache of your web browser on your end device and which enable an analysis ofyour use of our website.We use XING for recruiting, marketing and optimizationpurposes, in particular to analyze the use of our website and to continuouslyimprove individual functions, offers and the user experience. By statisticallyevaluating user behavior, we can improve our site and make it more interestingfor you as a user.

Data processing during interactions on our Xing profile
Xing processes information about the users of the Xingplatform, and as a user of Xing you have a direct relationship with Xing inthis respect. We refer to the Xing data protection policy for more information.Some of the information processed by Xing is also used by us. Everytime you visit our XING site, they collect your IP address, among other things,as well as other information that is stored on your PC in the form of cookies.This information is used to provide us, as the operator of a XING page, withstatistical information about the usage of the XING page. XING provides moredetailed information on this at the following link: Thedata collected about you in this context will be processed by New Work SE. andmay be transferred to countries outside the European Union. The informationXING receives and how this information is used is described in general terms inXING's data usage guidelines. There you will also find information on how tocontact XING and on how to place advertisements. The data usage guidelines areavailable at the following link:


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